Petroleum Engineering

About Department

petroleum Engineering Department of “Swami Sachchidanand Polytechnic College” has started in the year 2003, with intake capacity of 60 seats. In the journey of last 14 years, department has reached to the total intake capacity of 240 seats, 120 in the morning shift and 120 in the evening shift. Technical education is three tier systems, where diploma is placed in middle. Diploma holders are recognized as semi-skilled technical manpower. Industry demands high practical know how from diploma students. And hence to fulfill needs of industry department has eight laboratories including big workshop with all necessary equipment to cope up the demand of industry. Qualified and dedicated staff members are always present to encourage students for making their bright career through education. “Skill based development” is our primary objective. As being head of department, I promise all the stack holders that “if you follow guideline and instruction”, we will definitely paved your path to success. All the Best.
Program Objective

Department of petroleum Engineering focuses on comprehensive course curriculum with intense practical exposure to students which will enable them to take up challenging roles in professional careers.To provide the highest level of education in Science and Technology to produce competent, creative and imaginative engineers.To make a significant contribution towards the development of skilled technical manpower.To create an intellectual reservoir to meet the growing demands of the nation.To apply their engineering knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving skills in professional engineering practice.Embrace leadership roles in their careers.

Career Prospectus

Design & Development, Aerospace Engineer and Automotive Sector, CAD Technician, Boiler Inspector, Welding Inspector, Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Engineer, Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Power Plant Engineer, Robotics Engineering, Petrochemical Industry Entrepreneurship

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